Business Attorney Chicago


Business law in Illinois is an ever-changing and complex machine. If you’re dealing with any sort of legal matter involving business law in Illinois, it is imperative that you consult with a legal professional, someone who can provide you with counsel and ensure that your interests are being looked after.

George Lattas is a distinguished business law attorney who holds an MBA and is well-versed in all legal matters involving businesses in Illinois. With a focus on finance, George Lattas brings his expertise to the table and applies an in-depth level of financial literacy to your corporate and real estate matters. His knowledge and familiarity with business law enables him to craft shrewd legal strategies that are designed to work for the interests of his clients.

With years of experience under his belt, George Lattas is a reputable and trusted business law attorney. He is equipped to handle a wide range of business law issues, such as:

  • Company Formation: Corporations, LLCs, LPs & more
  • Corporate Transactions: purchase and sale of shares/units, other corporate entities, affiliation agreements, etc.
  • Investor/Subscription Agreements
  • Employment Contracts & Independent Contractors
  • Negotiating and drafting all business contracts
  • Advising strategic partnerships & investor relationships
  • Business planning for expansion & franchising
  • Business succession plans, exit strategy, selling a business

Other Practice Areas